Atlantic Tattoo Removal

Atlantic Tattoo Removal

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The Case Study

How local SEO and custom website design can significantly improve revenue and help generate leads

Atlantic Tattoo Removal is a small, local business in Virginia Beach, VA that specializes in laser tattoo removal. They had a website that had been live for several years, but it was not generating much traffic or lead generation. They decided to invest in local SEO and a custom design strategy to increase their online visibility and drive more business to their store.


Atlantic Tattoo Removal’s website was not optimized for local SEO and its design was outdated and not user-friendly. As a result, their website was not showing up on the first page of search results for relevant keywords and their online presence was weak. Additionally, the website’s design did not effectively convey the professional and reliable services offered by the business.

The process

Atlantic Tattoo Removal hired Oasis to conduct a thorough analysis of their website and identify areas for improvement. The agency recommended a comprehensive redesign of the website, focusing on data-driven decisions and local SEO. We also executed a detailed competitors analysis in the area and other regions.



Custom Design

We planned and created a new, modern and responsive design for Atlantic Tattoo Removal’s website that was easy to navigate and included clear calls-to-action. We also made sure to include before and after photos of previous clients to showcase the effectiveness of their services. And it was also important to integrate social media into the new site as its a big source of referral traffic.

Local SEO

We then optimized the website for local SEO by including keywords relevant to their business and location, such as “tattoo removal” and “laser tattoo removal near me”, in the website’s content and meta tags. We also set up and claimed Atlantic Tattoo Removal’s Google My Business page, which helped the business to appear in the Google’s local pack. Additionally, we created and claimed many other local business listings on major directories such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and YellowPages.


Atlantic Tattoo Removal’s new website design and local SEO strategy resulted in a significant increase in online visibility and website traffic. The website now appears on the first page of search results nationally for relevant keywords, and the website’s unique visitors increased by 65%. Additionally, the company saw a 40% increase in online appointments and foot traffic to their locations.

This case study shows how investing in local SEO and custom design can significantly improve online visibility and drive more business for a local store. By conducting a thorough analysis, redesigning the website with data-driven decisions, and implementing local SEO techniques, Atlantic Tattoo Removal was able to increase conversions, site and foot traffic and in the end, company revenue.

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