Integrated Connections

Integrated Connections

Ecommerce Job Board Redesign and Custom Development




  • WordPress Redesign
  • Ecommerce
  • Directory Listings / Job Search
  • UI/UX Consulting
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing


Monetizing one of the most successful job boards for the functional and integrative medicine markets. We had to import listings and users from the old job board and completely retool how all of the ecommerce and automation features worked. This job board or directory had loads of feature requests but needed to be done in a short time frame.

The process

We first had to become very familiar with the market, the client services and her offerings. Determining how to deliver the functionality was the next step. From there we tested and experimented with many platforms and tools. Once we found a solution and were able to add the custom features, we started on the redesign. From there we QA’d it and launched when ready.


The result was a job board that could be used to charge a fee for posting jobs and gave the client full control of how to handle the listings. The solution was highly scalable and had very low overhead in terms of support and maintenance.  Site users can easily search for their jobs and even apply. Admins receive applications and its all stored in a database. All in all, the project was a success and the job board has helped improve revenue and continues to be the leading job board for this market.

Job Board and Paid Directory

Job Application Features and Featured Listings

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