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The Case Study

How conversion rate optimization (CRO) and custom design increased conversion rates and revenue

McMillan Running is an online running coaching website that specializes in providing personalized training plans, coaching services, books and running gear. Greg McMillan is a world renown running coach and thought leader in the market. They had a website that had been live for several years, but they were not seeing the conversion rates they had hoped for. They decided to invest in SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and custom website design to increase their website’s conversion rates and revenue.


McMillan Running’s website had solid traffic but a low conversion rate, indicating that visitors were not engaging with the website and not making purchases. Additionally, the website’s design was outdated and not user-friendly, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they needed and complete purchases.

The process

McMillan Running hired Oasis to conduct a thorough analysis of their website and identify areas for improvement. The agency recommended a comprehensive CRO and custom design strategy to increase the website’s conversion rate and revenue. We started with an SEO site quality audit to determine which pages needed the most attention.



Website Redesign

We designed a new website for McMillan Running that was easy to navigate.  We added clear to call to actions based on data driven decisions. We also made sure to include customer reviews, testimonials, and other social proof elements to increase trust and credibility. We focused on site performance to ensure fast load times on mobile devices and made sure the checkout funnel experience was consistent and smooth.


Created a site quality audit of every single page looking closely at internal links, external links, determining which pages rank for which terms and get the most traffic. This audit was used to make many design decisions and served as a foundation for their SEO strategy. We also created an internal link strategy and ran a backlink portfolio audit making sure we preserved any backlinks throughout the redesign.


Oasis conducted user research and analytics to understand the behavior of visitors on the website. Based on this research, we identified and implemented several CRO tactics to improve the website’s user experience and conversion rate. These tactics included creating a clear and compelling value proposition, simplifying the navigation, and adding clear calls-to-action throughout the website.


McMillan Running’s new website design and CRO strategy resulted in a significant increase in the website’s conversion rate and revenue. The website’s bounce rate decreased by 30%, and the orders conversion rate increased by 60%. Additionally, the company saw a 40% increase in new users and a 10% increase in coaching and training plan sign-ups. After the first quarter of hard work, they hit a new record for monthly revenue.

This case study shows how investing in CRO and custom design can significantly increase conversion rates and revenue for an Ecommerce website. By conducting a thorough analysis, redesigning the website with user-centric design, and implementing CRO tactics, McMillan Running was able to improve the website’s user experience, increase trust and credibility, and drive more sales.

Faceted Search for All Coaching Plans

Clear and Concise CTAs

Redesigned and Restructured Plans

Streamlined Site Navigation

Redesigned the Cart and Checkout Pages

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