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    Please enter the name and email address for the primary point of contact we will be working with as we develop your website. This information will be kept private (not listed on your website).
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  • Provide your domain name. If you don't already have a domain name, list what would be your first choice.
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  • Design Preferences

  • Please list the colors you would like used on your website and branding materials. Also, if you have fonts you like, please mention those as well.
  • If you have a logo, please email it to [email protected]
  • Please provide any specific requests you have for the design of your website. For example, imagery concepts, ideas for photos, and the general feel you'd like to see on your website are helpful.
  • Please list links to your competitors' websites. Reviewing your competitors is helpful both from a design perspective and also for marketing strategy.
  • Please list a few links to websites you like. These do not have to be your competitors, just sites that you think look good.
  • Goals and Audience

  • What is the primary purpose for your website? In other words, what is the main thing you'd like visitors to your website to do? (Call you, sign up for your email list, buy your products, download an eBook, schedule an appointment online, etc.)
  • Choose one audience. The more audiences you try to reach, the more likely you will fail. Who are you speaking to? What are the business titles of the people you’re trying to reach? Where do they work? What do they like to do? What do they care about? Where do they spend time (online and in person)?
  • What geographic region are you going to be reaching with your website? (city, state, region, country, international?)
  • Defining Your Message

    When someone lands on your website, it is critical to quickly let them know why they are there and how they will benefit from what you're doing. The next few questions will help us focus and clarify your message.

  • Knowledge: What do you know? What is your specific area within the field of information in which you are an expert? For example, in the area of raising chickens, you know how to raise chickens in your own backyard. Or, in the field of swimming pools, you know about installing inground, fiberglass pools.

    Skill: What are your strengths and abilities that you will use to build your audience? For example, maybe you are really good at taking complex issues and simplifying them down to a simple, easily communicated concept. Maybe you’re really motivational and it’s easy for you to energize and encourage people. Perhaps, your skills lie in teaching and you can break down large processes into easy to follow step-by-step tasks. Maybe research is your strong point and you constantly have thorough and current information in your field of expertise.

  • Please complete this sentence: In the area of _____ I/We know about (how to) _____ .
  • Please complete this sentence: Our/My company is good at _______ which helps people _____.
  • After thinking through your audience, knowledge, and skill, the point where these three spheres overlap is the area you want to focus on. That’s your sweet spot. When someone lands on your website, what is the one sentence that will tell them exactly why they are there and what they are going to get from your content.

    For example, if you look at you will see Our mission statement which is:

    We Build Beautiful Online Experiences
  • Write a short sentence or phrase that defines the purpose behind what you are doing.